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Do you want to ascertain who has verified your Instagram? The users won't ready to view which followers had seen their Instagram story, video, pictures, but this is often very simple steps to seek out the way to see who views your Instagram profile. Follow the instructions listed below to understand the precise follower name who has viewed your Instagram account. See


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Steps to Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile


  • In case the users have not uploaded a story to their Instagram account, they can do so by clicking the “profile picture bubble” located at the upper side of their Instagram feed.


  • Let the followers in the user’s Instagram account view the story they had uploaded. In case the users don't have that a lot of followers in their Instagram account, then they have to attend for a few time for the method of knowing who views their Instagram profile.


  • Click the “profile picture bubble” located at the upper side of the users Instagram feed for viewing their uploaded story.


  • Check at the left-hand side of their uploaded story on Instagram. In case any followers had seen the users’ story, then the users will notice many “profile picture bubbles” having a tag underneath these bubbles.


In case the users won't view this bubbles, then they need to press the “X” button located within the upper right-hand side for closing the uploaded Instagram story. They have to attend till their followers won't see the uploaded story by them.


  • Click the “profile picture bubbles” option having a tag for opening the new page. The users will get an inventory of the whole followers that are seen the uploaded Instagram story by them, with the entire numbers located within the left-hand side. Click the “X” button located within the upper right-hand side after completing these steps.


The users can click on the profile picture or username of the followers who had seen their uploaded Instagram story to open their profile. The users also can click the “three dots” nearby the followers’ username for hiding the users’ story from the person they are doing not want to point out their story. Additionally, the users will see the “Mail” symbol nearby the username for sending the followers a private message.


  • The users can modify their story showing and sending settings by clicking the “Gear” symbol located in the upper left-hand side of their uploaded Instagram story. By getting to that symbol, the users can arrange the choices listed below:


  • Hide Story From. Choose the followers by getting to the users’ followers list on the Instagram account for hiding the uploaded story from the followers they need .
  • Close Friends. The users can make close friends list just in case they want to send their uploaded story to a specific follower.
  • Allow Message Replies. The users can permit the message replies from the followers once they upload a story on their Instagram account.
  • Allow Sharing. The users’ can permit the followers to send the photo or video from the uploaded story as private messages.


  • Go through the Instagram notifications by clicking the “Heart” symbol located in the end menu list once the uploaded story gets removed. The users will get the Instagram notification about the followers who had seen the users Instagram story. The users can click the Instagram notification for opening the uploaded story’s page to look at that that had seen the users’ Instagram story.


  • The users should change their Instagram public account into a private account, in case the users do not wish to show their story to the people who are not in their Instagram account. In case the users account still within the public account, then everyone can see the users’ story easily.


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