What Are The Top Microsoft Office 365 Tools To Increase Productivity?

Top Microsoft Office 365 Tools Increase Productivity – The latest version of MS Office 365 is packed with the all the feature necessary for the users. Moreover, the MS Office Support efficiency is also increased with the updates. In order to enhance the productivity, the MS Office designer works really hard to deliver what the users want. We have looked through the recent usage of the Microsoft office and cumulative the result to provide you top MS Office 365 tools to increase productivity.


For more details, feel free to visit the www.office.com/setup. Moreover, you can buy a subscription for your device by visiting the office com setup. Furthermore, in case of any problems, contact the efficient Microsoft Office Support at the toll-free number now.


Here is the list of Top Microsoft Office 365 tools to increase productivity that you can try now.



The Skype is one of the Top Microsoft Office 365 tools to increase productivity from a decade now. Additionally, your professional life is well maintained and handled with the Skype for Business. Here is some of the feature that assist you increase the productivity of your business.


  • Unlimited number of Meetings – You can organize as many numbers of meetings as you want.
  • Connect with Any Device – Use your Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android to connect with the Skype.
  • Sharing – Sharing your display and data while on the Skype, Give and Take Control simply.
  • PowerPoint Uploads – Use your Presentation and display it to your colleagues you are in a meeting in a room.
  • Custom built accessories – Make your meetings even enhanced with certified USB speakerphones, HD cameras, and headsets.
  • Online Storage – Get up to 1TB of cloud storage which is accessible anytime, everywhere.
  • 24/7 Support – Call the Microsoft Office Support or visit office.com/setup for instant resolution of your problems.


Advanced Calendar and Task Processing By Outlook

When it comes to managing the task and project, the Microsoft knows what a user may need. They have designed the Calendar and Task processing easy with their Microsoft Office 365 update. This way we put the Calendar and Task processing under the Top Microsoft Office 365 tools to increase productivity. 


Here are some important attribute of the Calendar that can assist you with your daily management.


  • Create and administer various appointments by going to the Outlook Calendar option.
  • Add people to the event created by you by sending them the request.
  • Sync your data with other Microsoft Office applications to make the reminder more interesting.
  • Subscribe and download your regional calendar for festivals and holidays.
  • Create the various tasks and send them to your friends and colleagues.
  • Share your calendar and manage the calendar of your friends on request.


Cloud Storage with OneDrive

When you use the various devices to access your data then you need something that keeps your data safe and anytime accessible. This when the cloud storage comes in handy. The Microsoft OneDrive is a huge platform to save and share your important file.


Here are some important features of the OneDrive that made it to the Top Microsoft Office 365 tools to increase productivity.


  • Access any file anytime using any all device you want. The OneDrive services are available for all the platform and operating system.
  • You can also access the content offline. Moreover, save the important file to the offline mode and access them without the internet connection.
  • This method keeps your file safe. Also, your important files are remained secured in the Cloud Storage.
  • You share your file and folder with friends whenever you want and ask them to edit documents for you.
  • Moreover, using the OneDrive helps you save your device storage as most of its data is stored online on the Cloud.


Round The Cloud Office Support

Another great thing about the MS Office is they provide a great support to their users. There are many ways to access the Office Support.


  • Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • 24/7 toll-free number
  • Support Community
  • Top Office 365 Tools Increase Productivity
  • Web portal for support articles – www.office.com/setup

You can try any of these services to access the effective support for the problem you are facing. Also, visit the office.com/setup and articles related to your query.


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