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How to Copy and Paste Content in MS Office 2019 -

Download and install and office setup from Log in and enter office 25 digit product key to activate your MS office product. If you're new member then you need to make a MS office account to induce a lot of advantages of MS office 365 subscription.
For huge scale altering of Microsoft Office 2019 Files, you can without much of a stretch move or duplicate content and designs inside a similar application (even between various data documents) or beginning with one application then onto future.

For instance, presume you need to create a few slides for an introduction you’re giving at a club meeting. You could compose the layout in Word, and afterward duplicate the content over to PowerPoint to spruce up with illustrations and movement.

Here are two different ways of moving and replicating in Microsoft Office 2019:

Relocate: Use the mouse to drag chosen content or illustration beginning with one area then onto consecutive.
The …