Windows 10 Now Used on Active Devices

Microsoft Office annual share holders and CEO took the opportunity to confirm that Windows 10 is now in use on 600 million active devices every month.

To give you some idea of the growth rate, back in Microsoft stated Windows 10 had reached 500 million active devices. So that’s an further 100 million devices in six months. As Geek Wire reports, Microsoft’s original goal back at the launch of Windows 10 in 2015 was to hit one billion devices within three years. That now seems unlikely.

The slower than predictable rise of Windows 10 on the Computer could be put down to a number of factors together how device use is changing. But a big part of the problem is Windows 7. The latest figures from Net market share show Windows 7 still counts for over 46 percent of the desktop operating system market. Windows 10 sits at just over 29 percent.

If growth continues at its current pace, Windows 10 will hit one billion devices even as we are getting ready to celebrate Christmas 2019. Even so, MS won’t worry once you reflect on its main rivals on the Computer only manage to grab 3.3 percent (Mac OS X) and 2.98 percent (Linux) of the market.

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MS Office needs Windows 10 to stay selling not only to continue its Computer market domination, but also to assist buy the Redmond Campus expansion and planned addition.

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