MS Office 365 Updates Bring New Enterprise Apps, Resume Assistant

MS Office 365 updates bring a host of new features for businesses, with secure link sharing, new apps, and Staff Hub improvements. Microsoft Office will continue to work on such features.

That means a start to the holiday festivities, but, more importantly, a roundup of MS Office 365 improvements. Microsoft Office has implemented a ton of new features, from security enhancements to analytic tools and more.

Unsurprisingly, one of the month’s big focuses was enterprise. Microsoft Office announced worldwide availability of Microsoft Office 365 Business, with several new apps to match. Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings, and Microsoft Office invoicing all users manage their business.

 Alongside it was some improvements to privacy, protection, and compliance. Microsoft’s advanced rediscovery lets organizations analyze MS Office 365 data to find information about specific people or topics. Thanks to an update, users can now import content from outside of MS Office 365, greatly extending its use cases.

Also marked the completion of secure link sharing from OneDrive and SharePoint. This is something Microsoft Office touted at Ignite, and it’s not generally available. E-mail confirmation codes appear each time a user tries to access a file, importance they’re continually protected. this blog

Staff Hub and Resume Assistant

Microsoft Office has also made changes to its apps. Staff Hub now let’s workers clock in and out of their shifts and provides company news and resources. The hope to update the workforce and increase efficiency as a result.

Mile IQ got one of the best significant improvements, thanks to AI. The app will now automatically classify trips depending on recurrent locations. It will also recognize if the user is travelling during work hours, and automatically organize those as personal. The result is less micromanagement and more accurate payments.

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Together, the updates mark a significant step forward for in business, and no doubt it will continue to improve.

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